Second Cavalry (Florida — Confederate)

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Unit Nickname Previous Unit Name Officers NCOs and Enlisted Men Total
Field and Staff 8 3 11
Company A Milton Dragoons Captain Thigpen's Company, Florida Volunteers 7 157 164
Company B St. John's Rangers Captain Stephens' Independent Cavalry Company, Florida Volunteers 8 173 181
Company C Marion Dragoons Captain Chambers' Independent Company, Florida Mounted Volunteers 8 222 230
Company D Tallahassee Guards Captain Brokaw's Company, Mounted Volunteers 8 191 199
Company E Captain Blocker's Company of Cavalry 6 143 149
Company F Confederate Rangers Captain Rou's Independent Company of Cavalry, Florida Volunteers 4 165 169
Company G Harris Troops Captain Milton's Independent Cavalry Company, Florida Volunteers 7 208 215
Company H Captain Dickison's Independent Company of Cavalry, Florida Volunteers 7 205 212
Company I Aucilla Guards Captain Smith's Independent Cavalry Company, Florida Volunteers 10 206 216
Company K Captain Harrison's Company, Florida Volunteers 9 165 174
Band 0 5 5
Other Soldiers     3 45 48
Totals     85 1,888 1,973

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The Second Cavalry Regiment was organized with 1,190 men during the late spring of 1862. Its members were from Melton and Tallahassee, and the counties of St. John, Marion, Gadsden, and Madison. The unit was attached to the Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida, and served in Florida throughout the war. It fought at Olustee, Gainesville, and Braddock's Farm, and surrendered at Tallahassee on May 10, 1865. Colonel Caraway Smith, Lieutenant Colonel Abner H. McCormick, and Major Robert Harrison were in command.