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"The Civil War Microfilm website offers an invaluable resource for researchers, serious students, and genealogists. For anyone who really wants to understand the Florida soldiers of 1861 - 1865, this archive is a must. I can't wait until other state records are added to this important new site."

Zack C. Waters, author of Blood Moon Rider and Florida historian
Civil War Microfilm allows anyone with a web browser and an Internet connection to view, print and save hundreds of thousands of important historical documents which have previously only been available on microfilm in the National Archives and at select libraries and universities. Online Microfilm Viewer -- Reel View

Online Microfilm Viewer -- Reel View
Whether you're researching a specific soldier in your family tree or want detailed information on the American Civil War that you can't get from any other source, you've come to the right place!

The Compiled Service Records are transcriptions of the original muster rolls and returns created during the Civil War. They contain some of the most detailed information available about individual Civil War soldiers and show enlistment dates and ranks, woundings, captures, imprisonments, hospitalizations, and more. Often, they also include original Civil War documents such as pay vouchers, requisitions, discharge certificates, and paroles. Though traditionally they've only been available on microfilm, Civil War Microfilm now gives you online access to the CSRs. This is a MUST if you're researching a specific soldier or working on a genealogy project about a Civil War ancestor!

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Now Available: Florida Confederate Soldiers Bundle

Florida Confederate Soldiers Bundle
Jacket Envelope of Colonel David Lang, 8th Florida Infantry
Civil War Microfilm is pleased to present the Florida Confederate Soldiers Bundle — online access to the complete set of National Archives microfilm publications containing the Compiled Service Records (CSRs) of Florida’s Confederate soldiers. The accompanying index reels are also included.

One Month

This Bundle consists of 113 reels of microfilm — over 311,000 unique documents! The information it contains is arguably the most important primary source information available for anyone doing serious research on Florida’s Confederate soldiers. (more information)

Also available: For the serious Florida researcher, the Florida Research Bundle includes all of the microfilm contained in the above Florida Confederate Soldiers Bundle and adds the complete Florida Union Volunteer Soldier CSRs, Florida Confederate Military Unit CSRs, and Presidential amnesty applications filed by Floridians.

In all, the Florida Research Bundle consists of 128 reels of microfilm and encompasses almost all of the Florida-related Civil War information that the National Archives' microfilm publications have to offer. (more information)

"When the Secret history of the war is Known - then we will get justice I hope - "Captain Council Allen Bryan, Company C, 5th Florida Infantry, regarding the Gettysburg Campaign