About Civil War Microfilm

A close look at a damaged Discharge Certificate in the Florida Confederate Soldiers Bundle
A close look at a damaged Discharge Certificate in the Florida Confederate Soldiers Bundle

Civil War Microfilm is a website focused on making available online important historical documents which have previously only been accessable via microfilm or in other traditional formats. By leveraging the experience gained in creating Civil War Florida (an award-winning online American Civil War community) and years of development and implementation of enterprise-class software applications, the team behind Civil War Microfilm is pleased to present an online archive which merges a comprehensive warehouse of historical content with cutting-edge technology.

By digitizing these important publications, it becomes possible to organize, view, manipulate and search them in ways which have never before been possible. At the same time, the manner of working with different reels of film from a given publication and viewing the images in a filmstrip-like fashion is very intuitive and quite familiar to those who have previously used "traditional" microfilm readers. It is now possible to have the "best of both worlds" when viewing old record collections such as the Compiled Service Records.

Today, the content on this website is quite Florida-centric. However, Civil War Microfilm will definitely live up to its name by offering many publications from other states, both North and South, in the near future. It is our mission to make this important content readily available to all students of history so that we can better understand the lives of America's brave fighting men.

We hope you find Civil War Microfilm valuable, and that you will enjoy working with this website and the documents it contains as much as we do!

-- Jim

Jim Studnicki
President, Creekside Digital